Changing lenses of mind that orient Black women | Dr Solomon Guramatunhu | TEDxBorrowdale

Changing lenses of mind that orient Black women | Dr Solomon Guramatunhu | TEDxBorrowdale

Hair and Beauty Standards

  • Black women spend billions of dollars annually on hair products, particularly weaves and wigs made from hair harvested from dead bodies or people who sacrifice their hair for religious reasons.
  • This practice stems from a mindset that values Caucasian hair and skin over natural Black features.
  • Black women have six different options for styling their hair, while other races have limited options.
  • Wigs and weaves can trap sweat and cause scalp issues, while natural hair allows for better scalp hygiene.
  • The speaker criticizes skin bleaching, which can lead to skin damage and skin cancers.

Self-Confidence and Self-Acceptance

  • The speaker criticizes the lack of self-confidence among Black women and the negative impact of wigs and weaves on the self-esteem of Black children.
  • She urges Black women to embrace their natural hair and skin, recognizing that they are the original prototype of the human race and possess unique and beautiful features.
  • Educators and influential figures in the Black community should instill confidence in Black children and promote self-acceptance.

Unique Beauty and Contributions of Black Women

  • Black women have naturally thick lips and full behinds, which are often sought after by other races through cosmetic procedures.
  • The speaker emphasizes the importance of self-awareness and self-appreciation among black women, recognizing their unique beauty and contributions as the "mother of all races."

Economic Empowerment and Education

  • Poverty is a result of a flawed mindset, particularly the tendency to value foreign goods over local resources.
  • An academy is being established to educate children from an early age, focusing on computer literacy, financial literacy, creativity, blockchain technology, and knowledge of self, history, culture, and religion.

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