Chatrapati Consciousness : Ignition to Warrior Spirit  | Ashish Bharatvanshi | TEDxJSPMRSCOE

Chatrapati Consciousness : Ignition to Warrior Spirit  | Ashish Bharatvanshi | TEDxJSPMRSCOE

Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj: A Symbol of India's Glorious History

  • Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj emerged as a symbol of India's glorious history during a period of subjugation by foreign rulers.
  • He and his mother, Jijau, had the idea of Swaraj (self-rule) to change the fate of the enslaved country.
  • Shivaji Maharaj did not ask people to fight for him as a king but rather to fight for their culture, temples, and the safety of their families.
  • He conquered many forts within 18 days, from Pratapgad to Kolhapur, because he led from the front.
  • Shivaji Maharaj recognized the potential of the Mavlas, who were treated poorly in other kingdoms, and formed an army with them.
  • The Maratha Empire endured for over a century after Shivaji Maharaj's death because every individual in the empire was committed to the dream of Swaraj.

Shivaji Maharaj's Victories and Challenges

  • Shivaji Maharaj's victory over Afzal Khan boosted the morale of the Maratha forces and instilled a sense of pride and self-respect in the Maratha nation.
  • When the Portuguese and British stopped supplying ships, gunpowder, and cannons, Shivaji Maharaj decided to build his own navy.
  • Shivaji Maharaj was trapped in Panhala for six months by Adil Shah's army, but he managed to escape with the help of Baji Prabhu Deshpande.
  • Baji Prabhu Deshpande sacrificed his life in the Battle of Pavan Khind to ensure Shivaji Maharaj's safety.

Aurangzeb's Admiration for Shivaji Maharaj

  • Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj's greatness was recognized even by his enemies, including Aurangzeb.
  • Aurangzeb expressed admiration for Shivaji's qualities, such as his discipline and ethics, in the play "Janata Raja."
  • Aurangzeb acknowledged that Shivaji had shattered his dreams of establishing Mughal rule over the entire Indian subcontinent.
  • Despite not having the same resources as his enemies, Shivaji achieved victories due to his strong character and the loyalty of his followers.

Shivaji Maharaj's Legacy

  • Shivaji Maharaj built strong forts, increased his army and weapons, but most importantly, he prepared people with strong determination who were willing to die for their cause.
  • Shivaji was fearless, unstoppable, and incorruptible, and he respected other religions, religious scriptures, women, and fakirs.
  • Shivaji Maharaj's enemies, like Aurangzeb, were fortunate to have an adversary of his caliber.
  • To rule effectively, one should learn from Shivaji's methods and follow his example.

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