Che cos'è il successo? | Andrea Calef | TEDxYouth@LEMS

Che cos'è il successo? | Andrea Calef | TEDxYouth@LEMS

Key Characteristics for Success

  • Success requires commitment, patience, perseverance, sacrifice, and time.

Influences on the Speaker's Journey

  • The speaker's family and upbringing played a significant role in shaping their journey.
  • They received valuable teachings and guidance from their parents and teachers throughout their education.

Academic Journey

  • After high school, the speaker pursued engineering, physics, and mathematics.
  • They eventually found their passion in renewable energy and pursued further studies in the field.
  • The speaker studied economics and social sciences after failing the entrance exams for physics and mathematics.
  • They pursued a doctorate in economics at the London School of Economics for six years, facing challenges such as losing their supervisor and changing research topics.
  • During their Ph.D., they also had the opportunity to intern at the European Central Bank in Frankfurt.

Career and Achievements

  • After completing their doctorate, the speaker was hired by the School of Economics and Finance at St Andrews University, where they have been teaching, researching, and supporting students for almost five years.

Overcoming Challenges

  • The speaker emphasizes the importance of friends, faith, and mentors in overcoming challenges and achieving success.

Advice for Success

  • Consider how you can contribute to the community and what would give you satisfaction when choosing a career.
  • Have a Plan B and even a Plan C, as things may not always go as planned.
  • Seek information and advice from those who care about you and know more about the matter.
  • Be committed and organized, as hard work eventually leads to results.
  • Understand yourself and listen to your conscience.
  • Remember that failure is a common experience, and you have the advantage of being young and able to modify your path.

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