Climate Change | Dr Naumana Amjad | TEDxBGTL Youth

Climate Change | Dr Naumana Amjad | TEDxBGTL Youth

Climate Change and Its Impacts

  • Humans, as protectors of the environment, have caused climate change through their actions.
  • Climate change leads to displacement, suffering, and habitat destruction, severely affecting human lives.
  • Mental health professionals play a vital role in raising awareness, promoting sustainable attitudes, and motivating climate action.

Personal Actions for Climate Action

  • Setting an example through personal actions, such as water conservation and avoiding excessive consumption, is essential in promoting climate action.
  • Educational institutions are incorporating sustainable development goals into their curricula, raising awareness among students and the medical community about climate change and sustainability.
  • Planting trees and engaging in community gardening are examples of collective efforts to combat climate change and create a greener environment.
  • Young people should take action projects on environmental issues such as tree plantation and plastic-free campaigns.

Happiness and Fulfillment

  • True happiness comes from within, not from external factors like wealth or success.
  • Money and happiness are not correlated; doing good for humanity and gratitude are recipes for happiness.

Water Conservation

  • Water conservation efforts are crucial, and small actions matter.

Hope and the Future

  • There is always hope in this world and the next.
  • Contemplation and looking towards the future help keep us grounded and sober.

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