Confessions Of A Former Smart Kid | Kendall Nguyen | TEDxYouth@TranPhuGiftedHighSchool

Confessions Of A Former Smart Kid | Kendall Nguyen | TEDxYouth@TranPhuGiftedHighSchool

Kendall's Experience as a "Smart Kid"

  • Kendall, a former TV host and media personality, felt pressure to excel academically due to her natural abilities and early successes.
  • Despite her accomplishments, she struggled to meet her mother's high expectations and experienced constant disappointment.
  • An incident where her mother was upset with her for getting a 9 out of 10 in math led to feelings of inadequacy and resentment.
  • Her nearsightedness caused further challenges and disappointment.
  • Kendall eventually stopped trying, leading to a decline in her academic performance.
  • She experienced emotional consequences such as low self-esteem, anger, and resentment.
  • Kendall realized she was resenting the expectation of perfection and decided to let go of that image.

The Speaker's Journey of Self-Acceptance

  • The speaker, an Asian student, studied abroad in the Midwest as the only Asian student in a school of 300 people.
  • Despite feeling noticeable, they still lacked a true sense of self.
  • After gaining confidence, the speaker came out as LGBTQ+ and received support from their host mom and friends, leading to personal growth and self-expression.
  • They realized that being themselves brought happiness and self-love.
  • In college, the speaker learned about ADHD and understood how it affected their attention, emotions, and social skills.
  • They also recognized the positive aspects of ADHD, such as creativity and spontaneity.
  • The speaker traced their self-acceptance journey back to childhood and realized that setting high expectations can lead to disappointment.
  • They emphasized the importance of a growth mindset, where effort and progress are valued over innate intelligence.

The Speaker's Career and Advice

  • The speaker became a talent manager at 28, embracing new experiences and personal growth.
  • They concluded by encouraging self-love, a growth mindset, and the pursuit of personal and professional success.

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