Creatividad y Pasión: Sigue tus Sueños | José Alejandro Tienda Ramirez | TEDxUnivalleCochabamba

Creatividad y Pasión: Sigue tus Sueños | José Alejandro Tienda Ramirez | TEDxUnivalleCochabamba

Alex Tienda's Introduction

  • Alex Tienda is a travel blogger and documentalist who creates content for companies worldwide.
  • He explains that the perception of content creators has evolved over time, from being seen as a waste of time to a recognized profession.
  • Alex clarifies that being an influencer involves more than just recording and uploading videos or traveling with paid expenses.
  • He emphasizes the importance of prioritizing the audience and adapting to new trends in advertising and digital marketing.

Alex Tienda's Career Journey

  • Alex started his career as a pilot at a young age and obtained his private pilot's license.
  • He found that he didn't enjoy his job at a call center and decided to pursue his passion for architecture.
  • Alex worked with his father, a civil engineer, to create 3D renders of architectural plans, which helped increase their business.
  • Despite their success, the 2008 recession in the United States negatively impacted their business, leading Alex to return to his self-taught education.
  • He discovered his passion for creativity and utilized Adobe software to express himself through various mediums, including music, writing, and video editing.
  • Alex started his YouTube channel in 2006 as a platform to share his travel adventures with friends and family.
  • Through his YouTube channel, Alex documented his travels and shared his experiences of venturing out of his comfort zone while pursuing his passion for flying.
  • He won a year of free flights from a Mexican airline through a video contest in 2009 or 2010 and used the opportunity to travel extensively and gain experience in video production.
  • He reinvested his winnings in learning and equipment to improve his video content.
  • He started as a travel blogger on YouTube and eventually transitioned to creating documentaries.
  • His first major opportunity came in 2013 when he was invited to cover the Super Bowl in New York by a beer brand.
  • He realized that he could pursue his childhood dream of becoming a pilot or explore new passions and opportunities and chose to focus on entertainment, evolving his travel blog into documentary-style content.
  • His documentaries, including those on Area 51, Chernobyl, and North Korea, gained significant popularity.

Alex Tienda's Motivations and Achievements

  • Alex travels to dangerous places because someone has to and to share his experiences with others.
  • His passion for learning and sharing is what drives him, not the thrill of danger.
  • Despite not becoming a pilot like his father wanted, he found success and fulfillment in creating travel videos.
  • He was able to take his father on a trip to Europe and make him proud, even though he didn't become a pilot.
  • Alex encourages others to follow their passions and not be limited by societal expectations.

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