Croyez en vous | Ali DIARRASSOUBA | TEDxWassakara

Croyez en vous | Ali DIARRASSOUBA | TEDxWassakara

Childhood and Education

  • The speaker was born in Treville, Ivory Coast, and raised in Kumassi, Ghana.
  • Despite facing challenges after his father's passing, he excelled in school and completed high school with a baccalaureate degree.
  • He initially wanted to study journalism but was forced by his mother to study at INPHB instead.
  • After struggling at INPHB, he dropped out and enrolled in a business communication program.

Journalism Career

  • The speaker started writing articles for a local newspaper and auditioned for a radio job, where he gained recognition.
  • He was chosen to present the first news broadcast on a newly launched TV channel, handling a teleprompter malfunction with composure.
  • He reflects on the challenges of live broadcasts and the importance of preparation.

Career Progression

  • Despite gaining popularity, he realized that being on TV did not lead to financial success.
  • He left RTI to become the Director of Information, Communication, and Public Relations for a large group.
  • He later joined a new private television channel as the Director of Information, promoting freedom of expression.

Personal Anecdotes and Advice

  • The speaker shares an anecdote about unexpectedly presenting a presidential event due to a colleague's illness.
  • He emphasizes the importance of self-belief, determination, and self-discipline in achieving success.
  • He encourages individuals to take action and persevere in pursuing their dreams, as success requires effort and self-help.

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