David Goodman & Humanity Pictures - hosted by Pariti Sutaria | David Goodman | TEDxCamden

David Goodman & Humanity Pictures - hosted by Pariti Sutaria | David Goodman | TEDxCamden

David Goodman's Background

  • David Goodman, CEO of Humanity Pictures, was born in Jersey City and raised in Queens, New York.
  • During his teenage years, he struggled with self-esteem and bullying but found solace in the arts, particularly through choir and dance.
  • Inspired by a Freedom Theater performance in 1977, he pursued a career in performing arts.

Career Journey

  • After high school, David worked various jobs while continuing to pursue acting.
  • With his wife's support, he left his telemarketing job to study acting and eventually focused on acting full-time.
  • Despite a successful acting career, his interest in technology and filmmaking led him to start videography as a hobby.

Inspiration Behind Humanity Pictures

  • The killing of George Floyd in 2020 inspired David to establish Humanity Pictures, a production company that promotes empathy and challenges dehumanization.
  • A conversation with his friend Azie Jones about the myth of black fathers' neglect inspired a project called "The Black Fatherhood: The Otherhood," which aims to challenge negative stereotypes and showcase black fathers as loving and caring parents.

Personal Influences

  • David's personal experiences as a father and his Buddhist practice have shaped his work and determination to overcome fear.
  • He believes in the power of human revolution and the oneness of life and environment for positive societal change.

Current Projects

  • David is working on a documentary about black fatherhood and a five-part YouTube series called "Winning Season," which features people's stories of victory and overcoming challenges.
  • Inspired by a friend's story of overcoming postpartum depression, David seeks funding to continue producing "Winning Season," which has received over a thousand views on YouTube.
  • He believes sharing stories of victory and inspiration is crucial in today's society.

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