De lo que se mira, se cría | Viviendo del Cuento | TEDxUPValència

De lo que se mira, se cría |  Viviendo del Cuento | TEDxUPValència

Childhood Games and Experiences

  • The narrator discusses the difficulty of obtaining a specific sticker featuring the soccer player Subizarreta and suggests a cheating method involving gluing two identical stickers together to increase the weight and distance of the toss.
  • They criticize the advice given by artificial intelligence to avoid cheating and express frustration with always playing games chosen by others.
  • The narrator reminisces about their childhood empowerment strategy of asserting independence and refusing to be controlled by others.

Playing Together

  • The narrator encourages everyone to play together and suggests a game of "pollito inglés" (a children's game involving hopping on one leg).
  • They emphasize the importance of playing with as many people as possible and how they would adapt the rules of the games to include more players.
  • The speaker reflects on the simplicity of the games they played and how they were able to create their own universe with just a few simple words.

Changes in Children's Experiences

  • The speaker reflects on how children's experiences have changed over time, with children now spending more time on technology and the internet.
  • They express concern that children today may be missing out on outdoor experiences and suggest that children and adults should be mindful of their screen time and interactions to ensure a balanced and fulfilling life.

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