Digital Marketing in the age of AI | Maximus Ametorgoh | TEDxGCTU

Digital Marketing in the age of AI | Maximus Ametorgoh | TEDxGCTU

AI in Digital Marketing

  • AI is revolutionizing digital marketing by optimizing channels, personalizing experiences, scheduling emails, enhancing communication, and generating content.
  • AI-powered tools can create videos, images, and artwork based on user input, potentially reducing the demand for human content creators.
  • AI enables A/B testing for marketing campaigns, allowing real-time optimization based on engagement levels.
  • E-commerce platforms like Instagram can leverage AI to facilitate online shopping and personalized recommendations.
  • AI can create customer profiles based on online behavior and preferences, enabling personalized product recommendations and targeted marketing.
  • AI-powered platforms can generate and distribute content, track analytics, and automate various marketing tasks, making digital marketing more efficient and effective.

AI in E-commerce

  • AI is revolutionizing e-commerce by enabling small businesses to sell their products easily and cost-effectively through social media platforms, online payments, and delivery services.
  • Amazon is deploying AI-powered checkout systems in physical shops, allowing customers to scan and pay for items using their Amazon accounts without the need for cashiers or checkout counters.

The Importance of AI and Digital Marketing

  • Marketers need to embrace AI and digital marketing to stay relevant in the evolving technological landscape and meet the demands of customers seeking convenience and personalized experiences.
  • Disruptions in technology can happen suddenly and without warning, as exemplified by the decline of Nokia and BlackBerry due to their failure to prioritize customer convenience.
  • AI tools can assist marketers in presenting their brands and services effectively, but responsible use of these tools is crucial to avoid overwhelming users with irrelevant content.
  • AI facilitates targeted marketing by analyzing customer behavior and preferences, enabling businesses to reach their desired audience with greater precision.

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