Digital Transformation of Water Management

  • The speaker discusses the transformation of water management from traditional methods to sustainable digital water systems.
  • Digitalization involves changes, adaptation, modernization, automation, and the use of advanced technologies like IoT, RPA, AI, and machine learning.
  • Benefits of digitalization include increased productivity, efficiency, and effectiveness.

Expectations of Water Users

  • Water users expect continuous and uninterrupted water supply, good water quality, and timely and accurate billing.

The Digital Utility of the Future

  • The digital utility of the future involves connecting assets, ensuring technological savviness, and empowering water users.

Intelligent Command Center

  • The Intelligent Command Center collects data from various water assets, enabling real-time monitoring and quick response to issues like sudden pressure drops.

Pressure Transient System Sensors

  • Pressure transient system sensors detect small holes in pipelines, allowing for timely repairs and preventing pipe bursts, resulting in lower repair costs and uninterrupted water supply.

Benefits of Digitalization

  • Digitalization has led to a significant reduction in pipe bursts (75%) and water losses (16%).
  • Compliance with drinking water standards has improved from 99% to 99.9% through digitalization.

Digital Meters with Acoustic Sensors

  • Digital meters with acoustic sensors can detect leak noises and alert users about internal leakages, reducing the occurrence of high water bills.

Smart Digital Water Users

  • Smart digital water users contribute to sustainability by preserving trees through e-billing and conserving water by being aware of their daily consumption.

Water Consumption Comparison

  • Singapore's average water consumption is 160 liters per capita per day, while Malaysia's is 240 liters per capita per day.

Advice to Mr. Vincent Wu

  • Mr. Vincent Wu is advised to check for internal leakage and hold a family meeting to discuss water conservation.

Key Takeaways

  • Sustainable digital water: Water sustainability is crucial not only for the present but also for future generations.
  • Be a James Bond of water: Conserve water, avoid wastage, and reduce paper use by becoming an eBill customer and using the app.

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