Dönüşüm | Mustafa Seven | TEDxDenizli

Dönüşüm | Mustafa Seven | TEDxDenizli

Personal Journey and Transformation

  • The speaker questions the traditional TEDx format and formulaic success stories.
  • Despite success in lighting design, the speaker experienced a loss of interest and explored various hobbies without finding the same passion.
  • The speaker's friend, İlker Çatak, a talented director, also faced declining interest in his field.
  • The speaker suggests that interests may have an expiration date, leading to a search for new fulfillment.

YouTube Journey

  • İlker Ayrık left the film industry due to low-quality services and started teaching directing.
  • İlker approached Mustafa about starting a YouTube channel focused on creative and technical aspects, with Mustafa handling administrative tasks.
  • Mustafa was initially skeptical but convinced to attend a meeting at Google's YouTube headquarters, where they learned about the potential growth and success of authentic content.
  • YouTube involves individuals creating and sharing content, with viewers subscribing to channels they enjoy.
  • While YouTube can be a hobby, it may not be financially viable as a standalone venture.
  • Alternative monetization methods include donations from the audience.

Traditional vs. Digital Media

  • Traditional media advertising was expensive and had limited reach, while digital media advertising is more targeted and cost-effective.
  • Digital media platforms like YouTube provide detailed data about their audience, allowing advertisers to target specific demographics and interests.
  • YouTube, being a Google brand, has access to vast amounts of data, including users' browsing history and search patterns.

Self-Definition and Transformation

  • The speaker discusses self-definition and the assumptions, beliefs, and preferences that shape our identities.
  • They share a personal example of not liking cheese since childhood and how it became a defining characteristic.
  • The speaker highlights the importance of questioning and re-evaluating our assumptions and preferences.
  • Transformation involves significant changes over time and self-reflection, turning acceptance into preference.


  • The speaker emphasizes the significance of time and suggests that TEDx should consider reviewing its format and adapting to changing times.
  • The audience is encouraged to examine their own assumptions and preferences, as it can make a significant difference in their lives and choices.
  • The speaker expresses gratitude for the audience's time and bids farewell.

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