Dr. Sara Qureshi | Sarah Qureshi | TEDxRLKU

Dr. Sara Qureshi | Sarah Qureshi | TEDxRLKU

Dr. Sara Kesic's Invention

  • Dr. Sara Kesic, an aerospace engineer, has developed an eco-friendly air engine to address climate change caused by aviation.
  • Her invention is an engine add-on that processes contrail emissions and converts them into liquid water.
  • The technology is patented internationally and is at Technology Readiness Level 6.
  • It can be integrated into existing aircraft engines and systems, allowing airlines to potentially earn revenue by selling rainfall or obtaining carbon credits.

Challenges in the Aviation Industry

  • The aviation industry is dominated by a few large companies, making it difficult to implement environmental solutions due to profit concerns.
  • Other environment-centric technologies, such as hybrid electric aircraft and all-electric planes, have limitations in terms of efficiency and battery technology.

Contrails and Climate Change

  • Contrails, the white smoke emitted from aircraft engines, are responsible for 50% of global warming in the sky.
  • Unlike carbon dioxide, contrails do not have offsets and require solutions on the aircraft and engine level.

The Importance of Action

  • The speaker emphasizes the need to reset the way we think about climate change and aviation's impact on the environment.
  • She highlights the importance of taking action and making an intention to bring about change, regardless of one's size or background.

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