Dream it believe it achieve it | Prachi Tehlan | TEDxFORESchool

Dream it believe it achieve it | Prachi Tehlan | TEDxFORESchool

Paral PanAm: The Power of Imagination and Positive Thinking

  • Paral PanAm emphasizes the power of imagination and positive thinking to manifest desires and bring about positive change.
  • It involves envisioning goals, setting intentions, and taking focused action to achieve them.
  • Honesty, hard work, and faith in one's dreams are essential for success.
  • Support from family and loved ones is crucial in achieving one's goals.

Embracing Opportunities and Taking Risks

  • Sometimes opportunities come unexpectedly, and it's important to recognize and seize them.
  • The speaker's journey from a consultant at Accenture to becoming an actor in Mumbai serves as an example of embracing opportunities and taking risks.

Overcoming Obstacles and Achieving Success

  • The speaker shares her journey from being a netball player to becoming an actress in the South Indian film industry.
  • She highlights the obstacles she faced as a woman and the importance of self-belief and persistence in achieving one's dreams.
  • She stresses the value of experiences and failures in personal growth and development.

Celebrating Achievements and Inspiring Others

  • She emphasizes the significance of celebrating achievements, fulfilling goals, and leaving a legacy of inspiration.
  • She cites examples of role models, such as Priyanka Chopra and Mahendra Singh Dhoni, who have achieved success through imagination and determination.
  • She encourages the audience to embrace the concept of "Paricle Pam" (imagination) and harness its power to create the life they desire.
  • She concludes by sharing her personal experience of wanting to study at IIM Ahmedabad and eventually achieving her goal of being there, inspiring others with her journey.

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