Dreptul la timp | Olga Juverdeanu | TEDxBrașov

Dreptul la timp | Olga Juverdeanu | TEDxBrașov


  • The speaker introduces herself as the mother of Natalia and the CEO of Global Records.
  • The theme of the event is harmony, interpreted as balance and quality of life.

Impact of Technology on Modern Life

  • Technology promises to improve our quality of life but complicates our relationship with time, patience, and expectations.
  • Unlike previous generations, we are more aware of mental balance but also more prone to imbalance due to rapid technological advancements.
  • Technology has changed the way people consume media, with streaming services like Spotify and YouTube enabling on-demand access to music and videos.
  • This on-demand culture extends to other areas of life, such as shopping and travel, leading to a decline in patience and tolerance.

Personal Experiences in the Entertainment Industry

  • The speaker shares personal experiences in the entertainment industry, where the rapid pace and short-lived nature of content creation and consumption pose challenges for creative processes that require time.
  • Contrary to expectations, the creative process involves extensive periods of silence, discussions, and experimentation before a song materializes.
  • Creative individuals require time and freedom from time constraints to produce their best work.

Achieving Balance and Harmony

  • Balance and harmony are both a condition and a goal, requiring conscious effort to achieve and maintain.
  • Technology should be used to enhance life and provide more time, rather than consuming it.
  • The speaker encourages the audience to avoid living on autopilot and to intentionally create space and time for themselves.

Overwhelmed by Endless Content?