Eroding Vistas: The Ebbing Indian Art and Culture | Abhishek Poddar | TEDxBITBangalore

Eroding Vistas: The Ebbing Indian Art and Culture | Abhishek Poddar | TEDxBITBangalore

Loss of Cultural Heritage in India

  • India has lost 35% of its cultural heritage in the last 35 years, equivalent to losing 1% of its heritage annually.
  • Despite being 76 years old, India lacks an encyclopedia of Indian art, and no efforts have been made by the government or universities to create one.

Museum of Art and Photography (MAP)

  • MAP, launched in February 2023 in Bengaluru, aims to break the hierarchy between high art and low art.
  • MAP has eight basic pillars: accessibility, collaboration, conservation, education, engagement, experimentation, inclusion, and research.
  • MAP collaborates with various museums and institutions worldwide, offering programs like Museums Without Borders, Director's Cut, and The Deep Dive.
  • MAP provides virtual tours of exhibitions from other museums for those with limited travel opportunities.
  • MAP has established a conservation lab to train professionals and conserve artworks, addressing the lack of conservation techniques and trained professionals in India.
  • Education is a crucial pillar, with free workshops for schools and an online Children's Learning Channel.
  • MAP promotes inclusivity by featuring marginalized voices in exhibitions and providing accessibility features on its app and website.
  • Outreach programs include free monthly events, an auditorium for various activities, and partnerships with non-art institutions.
  • The annual festival, Art Alive, uses artworks to tell new stories and features films based on the collection.

Technology and Innovation at MAP

  • MAP embraces technology, becoming the first museum in the world to open digitally during the pandemic, reaching a broader audience online.
  • Collaborations with tech companies have resulted in innovative projects like India's first deep fake of artist MF Hussain and linking textile collections globally.

Funding and Impact

  • MAP operates through philanthropy as a not-for-profit initiative.
  • The museum's success is not measured by national or global prominence but by the positive impact and difference it makes in society.

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