Finding Inspiration in Everything | Jonathan Heilig | TEDxYouth@FMVErenköyIşık

Finding Inspiration in Everything  | Jonathan Heilig | TEDxYouth@FMVErenköyIşık

Finding Inspiration in the Mundane: The Power of Parolia

  • Parolia, the psychological condition of seeing faces in inanimate objects, can be a source of inspiration in everyday life.
  • Legendary Japanese animator Hayao Miyazaki excels in parolia and focuses on the mundane in his films.
  • Changing one's perspective can make even the ordinary seem inspirational.

Art as a Creative Outlet

  • The author's experience working at Creedmore Psychiatric Center led him to use art as a creative outlet.
  • Examples of the author's art, such as "coffee cup dude gets sick" and a self-portrait of an ink tube, illustrate his ability to find inspiration in everyday objects.

Embracing Parolia and Finding Inspiration

  • The author encourages embracing parolia and finding inspiration in the mundane aspects of life.
  • Inspiration can be found anywhere, and teachers should find creative ways to engage students.
  • Patience is important, as the author's first novel took 10 years to complete.
  • Self-publishing and promoting one's work is encouraged rather than waiting to be discovered.

Inspiration from Family and Culture

  • The author's daughters, Zelda and Arya, are his greatest inspirations.
  • The author's mother taught them self-appreciation and self-worth.
  • The author's Turkish family exposed them to a new culture and a new world.
  • The author's wife, EK, is their ultimate source of inspiration.
  • EDM, a Turkish girl with severe cerebral palsy, inspires the author with her positive attitude despite her physical challenges.

Encouragement to Find Inspiration

  • The author encourages everyone to find inspiration in the world around them, rather than focusing on the negative.
  • Everything matters and nothing is mundane.

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