Fostering Dialogue For Social Change | Aisha Salaudeen | TEDxLagosStateUniversity

Fostering Dialogue For Social Change | Aisha Salaudeen | TEDxLagosStateUniversity

Mustafa Salah's Journey and Advocacy

  • Mustafa Salah, a Gambian man, planned to migrate to Europe but faced violence, extortion, and arrest during his dangerous journey through the Sahara Desert and Libya.
  • In a Libyan detention center, he realized the risks of irregular migration and decided to raise awareness upon his return to Gambia.
  • Back in Gambia, Mustafa and other survivors formed "Youth Against Irregular Migration" to share their experiences and discourage others from taking the same perilous route.
  • Through dialogue and conversations, they educated people about the dangers and suffering involved in irregular migration, leading to a shift in mindsets and a decline in the number of Gambians attempting the journey.

The Power of Dialogue and Conversations

  • Dialogue and conversations are crucial for knowledge sharing, empathy building, and social change.
  • They help us understand others' perspectives and experiences, even if they differ from our own.
  • Conversations can facilitate conflict resolution by providing opportunities for open dialogue, healing, and reconciliation.
  • Challenging the status quo through dialogue can lead to positive change and progress in society.
  • Dialogue and conversations can take various forms, including protests, traditional media, social media, and personal interactions.

Social Change and Challenges

  • Social change is a gradual process that requires persistence and continuous effort, starting with small actions and conversations.
  • Potential challenges include the length of time required for change, the risk of getting tired or bored, and the existence of echo chambers.
  • Power dynamics can also affect conversations, as individuals with more power may have a greater influence on the outcome.
  • Challenges in conversations include government restrictions on free speech, misinformation spread, language and communication barriers, and different lifestyles and mindsets.

Respectful Dialogue and Actions for Social Change

  • Respect is crucial for effective communication and change.
  • Don't overthink, start by tweeting about your cause, write articles, and talk to your neighbors about it.
  • Join organizations already working on the issue and volunteer or collaborate with others who share your passion.

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