From silver screen to sweet success | Taher Shabbir | TEDxMaharashtraCollege

From silver screen to sweet success | Taher Shabbir | TEDxMaharashtraCollege

Entrepreneurship and Personal Growth

  • The speaker emphasizes the importance of being surrounded by the youth and acknowledges that the future of the world lies in their hands.
  • The speaker shares a personal anecdote from their childhood, describing how their father involved them in the family business from a young age, unknowingly instilling a passion for entrepreneurship.
  • The speaker introduces the concept of "VEGN," an acronym representing five key points: Vision, Exposure, Glass roof shattering, Networking, and Hero.
  • Vision: The speaker stresses the significance of having a clear vision and shares a childhood memory of envisioning the success of their family business.
  • Exposure: The speaker highlights the importance of acquiring knowledge and exposure to various aspects of life, emphasizing that successful entrepreneurs must continuously learn and absorb information.
  • Glass roof shattering: The speaker encourages breaking through self-imposed limitations and societal expectations, drawing inspiration from successful individuals they have met throughout their career.
  • Networking: The speaker emphasizes the value of building connections and learning from others, considering people as the best source of exposure.
  • Hero: The speaker concludes by discussing the importance of having heroes and role models who inspire and motivate personal growth and achievement.

Personal Anecdotes and Reflections

  • The speaker emphasizes the importance of having heroes and mentors in one's life, especially for entrepreneurs.
  • Constantly changing heroes and mentors is essential for personal and professional growth.
  • Negating mediocrity is crucial for success.
  • The speaker stresses the importance of avoiding short-term pleasures and addictive behaviors that can hinder progress.
  • The speaker shares personal anecdotes about his family's business and his father's influence on his life and career.
  • The speaker highlights the value of feeling inadequate as a driving force for continuous improvement.
  • The speaker believes that two brothers in a business should have different roles to ensure success.
  • The speaker lost his father seven years ago and reflects on the complex relationship they had.
  • Despite their differences, the speaker loved and respected his father, who was a well-known confectioner.
  • The speaker's ambition was to become successful in his own right and to make his father proud.

Career and Success

  • After graduating, the speaker pursued a career in cinema, becoming a director, producer, and actor.
  • The speaker now applies the knowledge and skills he gained in the film industry to his current business ventures.
  • The speaker dedicates his talk to his father and emphasizes the importance of spreading love and kindness.

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