Harmonising Modern Lives with Ancient Wisdom | Dr. Jayshree Om Borad | TEDxIMS

Harmonising Modern Lives with Ancient Wisdom | Dr. Jayshree Om Borad | TEDxIMS

Ancient Indian Architecture and Its Principles

  • The speaker, an architect, discovered ancient Indian architecture and its principles while facing health challenges.
  • They found guidance in ancient temples and scriptures, which improved their well-being.
  • The speaker began incorporating ancient architecture principles into their work, creating "Divine homes" that promote cross-ventilation, sunlight, and open spaces.
  • They shared their knowledge at the United Nations, showcasing examples of ancient town planning, temple alignments, and energy enhancement techniques.

Vastu: The Ancient Indian Science of Architecture

  • Vastu, dating back over 10,000 years, is part of the fourth Veda and emphasizes the importance of space and the five elements in architecture.
  • It can be practiced in three ways: fixed vastu (during construction), quarterly vastu (making changes every 3 or 6 months), and daily vastu (daily practices like cleaning and lighting a lamp).
  • Vastu principles can create positive spaces and enhance the energy of homes and buildings.

The Speaker's Journey and Success

  • The speaker met their Guru during a meditation retreat and gained deeper insights, leading to the release of four international bestselling books within three years.
  • They attribute their success to dreaming, believing, and divine grace.
  • Their passion is to share the ancient Indian scriptures on Vastu with the world and incorporate them into educational institutions for the benefit of various professionals and society.

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