Hiçkimsenin Reçetesi Aynı Değildir! | Dilara Sarı | TEDxBeşkaza Meydanı Youth

Hiçkimsenin Reçetesi Aynı Değildir! | Dilara Sarı | TEDxBeşkaza Meydanı Youth

Personal Journey and Challenges

  • The speaker, Dilara, shares her personal journey and experiences, including challenges faced in high school and university.
  • In high school, she wanted to pursue science but faced discouragement from a physics teacher and public criticism from a chemistry teacher.
  • Dilara emphasizes the importance of standing up against disrespectful behavior and reporting any instances of mistreatment.

Education and Career Path

  • Dilara initially studied nanotechnology in university but switched to molecular biology and genetic engineering without informing her family.
  • She believes that the education system is not always accurate in determining success and that personal development and passion are more important.
  • Dilara completed a stem cell regenerative medicine program at Marmara University, which provided her with valuable connections in the field.
  • Despite having a low GPA, she secured a job at a laboratory thanks to a reference from a professor.
  • Dilara reflects on her diverse career experiences, including working in genetics, women's health, and white-collar jobs.
  • She realized that white-collar work was not a good fit and decided to pursue her passion for genetics.

Personalized Genetic Medicine and Social Media Platform

  • Dilara received training in personalized genetic medicine and became interested in individuals receiving treatment based on their unique genetic makeup.
  • She created a social media platform to share simplified and entertaining genetic information, making it more accessible and engaging for the general public.
  • The platform gained popularity, and Dilara found fulfillment in contributing to people's understanding of genetics and helping them make informed decisions about their health.

Raising Awareness and Media Attention

  • Dilara found her passion in raising awareness about early detection of diseases, especially breast cancer, through social media.
  • Despite initial skepticism and discouragement, she persisted in her mission and gained a significant following.
  • Dilara's success led to media attention and speaking opportunities, including a presentation at Yıldız Technical University and an interview with a social media agency.

Embracing Passion and Perseverance

  • Dilara emphasizes the importance of passion and perseverance in pursuing one's goals, even if it means creating a new career path.
  • She highlights the value of genetic testing and personalized medicine, sharing her own experiences and insights gained from offering individual genetic tests through her company.
  • Dilara encourages others to embrace their passions and make a difference, suggesting that every profession can adapt and present scientific knowledge to the public, potentially inspiring more people to enter the field.

Children's Books and Growing Recognition

  • Dilara received an offer from a publishing house to turn her content into children's books, leading to the creation of science books for various age groups.
  • Her social media presence grew, and she began receiving invitations to events, which excited and motivated her.
  • Dilara's work gained attention from television channels, leading to interviews and features on her experiments and scientific knowledge.
  • She organized her first independent event, showcasing her dedication to both the scientific and social media aspects of her work.

Current Achievements and Ongoing Journey

  • Dilara currently has two active books: one teaching hygiene to primary school children and the other addressing common misconceptions in healthcare.
  • She reflects on her journey, acknowledging that she is still progressing and has many more steps to climb, but she remains persistent and believes in herself.
  • Dilara hopes that her story can inspire others to find themselves and make a positive impact.

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