How landlords can create safe spaces | Ash Holwell | TEDxWellington

How landlords can create safe spaces | Ash Holwell | TEDxWellington

Squatting and the Housing Crisis

  • The speaker shares their experience of squatting in the Netherlands, where it was legal if a building was unoccupied for over a year.
  • They discuss the housing crisis and argue that current laws prioritize private property over sharing and empowerment and need to be revised.

Experiments in Shared Spaces

  • The speaker describes three experiments they conducted to demonstrate the power of safe and shared spaces:
    • Transforming an empty warehouse into a community space.
    • Occupying an unused church and turning it into a vibrant community hub.
    • Purchasing an office building, reusing materials, and sharing resources with the community.

The Construction Boom and Sustainable Building

  • The world is experiencing a construction boom, with plans to double the building stock by 2060.
  • Buildings contribute significantly to carbon emissions, and the current approach to sustainable building is insufficient.
  • The speaker proposes a radical solution: sharing spaces and resources to reduce the need for new construction.

The 257 Shared Office Space Model

  • 257 is a shared office space in Wellington, New Zealand, that serves multiple functions and has been used by almost 600 organizations and companies.
  • By sharing spaces, we can effectively double the size of our cities without building anything new.
  • 257 operates a system of property sharing, where for every hour someone pays to use the space, $1 worth of free or discounted space is given to organizations in need.
  • This model could be replicated by landlords across New Zealand, potentially generating $9.6 billion worth of discounted or free rent per year and alleviating the housing crisis.

Safe Spaces for Social and Environmental Justice

  • Safe spaces are essential for those doing critical work for social and environmental justice, as they allow these individuals to become "dangerous" to oppressive systems.
  • Sharing spaces and resources is a powerful tool for empowerment and can help create a safer and more just world for everyone.

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