Humanity in Our Hands | Jia Yong Goh | TEDxYouth@NgeeAnnPolytechnic

Humanity in Our Hands | Jia Yong Goh | TEDxYouth@NgeeAnnPolytechnic

Tong's Journey with the Singapore Red Cross Society

  • Tong shares his experience as a volunteer with the Singapore Red Cross Society and the importance of voluntary service.
  • Encouraged by his mother, who was also a volunteer, Tong joined the Red Cross despite initial doubts.
  • Through his experiences, he learned the value of helping others, making a positive impact, and not expecting monetary rewards.
  • As a youth leader, he embraced the values of teaching, inspiring, leading, and serving.

Challenges and Growth

  • Tong faced challenges balancing volunteer work and Polytechnic studies, leading to poor academic results.
  • With friends' support, he prioritized studies, reflected on mistakes, and compared his past and present selves to improve.
  • Despite setbacks, he continued volunteering and achieved academic success, earning awards and distinctions.
  • His passion for inspiring and serving motivated him to persevere despite academic challenges.

The Impact of Volunteering

  • Volunteering positively impacts individuals and society, fostering leadership, serving skills, and camaraderie.
  • Empathy and understanding people from diverse backgrounds are crucial.
  • Volunteering is a selfless act that starts with small actions like supporting friends, giving up seats, or lending a listening ear.
  • Educational institutions should incorporate volunteering into their curriculum to promote a culture of service.
  • Small acts of kindness can significantly impact others' lives.


  • Humanity lies in our hands, and we should all strive to make the world a better place by helping others.

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