I Am Who I Am: What Is Passion, What Is Purpose? | Mr. Alvin David | TEDxLNCTBhopal

I Am Who I Am: What Is Passion, What Is Purpose? | Mr. Alvin David | TEDxLNCTBhopal

Passion and Purpose

  • Passion and purpose are essential for mental health and overall well-being.
  • Passion is not just a feeling, but a state of flow where an activity becomes meaningful.
  • Psychologist Carl Jung emphasized the importance of having a purpose in life.
  • Many people choose careers based on societal expectations, not their true passions.
  • Some individuals may feel lost and unsure about their life's purpose.

Personal Experiences

  • The speaker shares an incident from their childhood where they were made to feel ashamed of their skin color.
  • This incident left a lasting impact on the speaker, making them feel inferior and seeking approval from others.
  • The speaker expresses feelings of being misunderstood and not being able to pursue their true passions.
  • They find solace in a song that resonates with them and provides a sense of connection.

Self-Discovery and Authenticity

  • The key to unlocking one's true potential lies within themselves and their subconscious.
  • Self-discovery and introspection are essential to understand the root causes of behavior and beliefs.
  • It is important to be authentic and not try to conform to others' expectations.
  • Avoiding trying and failing prevents personal growth and positive life events.

Taking Charge of One's Life

  • After a certain point, no one will come to help or support an individual, and they must assert themselves to succeed in life.
  • Individuals should ask for what they want and not be ashamed or feel undeserving.
  • Founders view challenges and obstacles as possibilities, while others see them as limitations.
  • Successful people take ownership of their lives and find solutions instead of making excuses.

Discovering Strengths and Potential

  • It is important to discover and understand oneself before finding purpose and passion.
  • There is always something valuable to be found, even in difficult situations.
  • The speaker works in human resources and helps people see their strengths and guides them towards those strengths.
  • They believe everyone has a treasure within themselves that they need to discover.

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