Indomitable Spirit: The Power of Perseverance | Amit Saroha | TEDxShivajiCollege

Indomitable Spirit: The Power of Perseverance | Amit Saroha | TEDxShivajiCollege

Amit Saroha's Journey to the Paralympics

  • Amit Saroha, a para-athlete from India, met with a road accident at the age of 22, resulting in a spinal cord injury that left him bedridden.
  • Despite the severity of his injury, he remained determined to overcome his condition and find a way to move forward with his life.
  • He managed to complete a rehabilitation program in just six months and was introduced to wheelchair rugby by an American boy in the hospital.
  • Saroha became the first quadriplegic to take up the sport in India and eventually shifted his focus to individual sports due to the lack of proper training facilities.
  • After consulting with experts, he determined that his disability category would be 52 or TH and learned about the upcoming Commonwealth Games and the inclusion of a short put event in his category.
  • Despite the challenges posed by his disability, he began training for the short put event and aimed to represent his country at the Commonwealth Games or international level.
  • He faced numerous challenges as a disabled athlete, including the lack of support from coaches and difficulties in participating in sports due to his disability.
  • He persisted and eventually fought for his selection in the Commonwealth Games, successfully advocating for his right to participate in sports despite his disability.

Achievements and Challenges

  • Saroha won a gold medal in his first event at the National Championship and was selected for the Commonwealth Games but missed out on a medal due to his disability.
  • He won a silver medal at the Asian Para Games in China, which was his first medal for his country and also an Asian record.
  • He missed out on a medal at the 2012 Paralympic Games but received the prestigious Arjuna Award from the Indian government in 2013.
  • At the 2014 Asian Para Games, he showcased his best performance, winning a gold and a silver medal while breaking two Asian records.
  • He won a silver medal at the 2015 World Championships in Doha, securing a quota for the Olympics.
  • He broke the world record at the 2016 Paralympic trials and qualified for the Paralympic Games but ended up winning the bronze medal due to unexpected circumstances.
  • He won a silver medal at the 2017 World Para Athletics Championships and set a new Asian record.
  • He won the gold medal at the 2018 Asian Para Games and the 2019 Para Asian Games.
  • He was preparing for the 2020 Paralympic Games but faced challenges due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Overcoming Obstacles and Success

  • Despite facing numerous challenges, including a severe spinal cord injury, lack of support, and training difficulties, Amit Saroha persevered and achieved remarkable success as a para-athlete.
  • He represented India at major international competitions, winning medals at the Asian Para Games, World Championships, and Paralympic Games.
  • His determination, hard work, and unwavering spirit allowed him to overcome obstacles and become a world-class athlete.

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