Innovations and future challenges in India | Dr. Sanjay Kumar | TEDxFORESchool

Innovations and future challenges in India | Dr. Sanjay Kumar | TEDxFORESchool

Innovations in Indian Elections

  • Innovations aim to facilitate free and fair elections, enhance voter comfort, and increase participation.
  • Ballot boxes evolved from party-based symbols to secret voting arrangements.
  • Electronic voting machines (EVMs) replaced ballot papers and boxes, simplifying the voting process.
  • The Voter Verifiable Paper Audit Trail (VVPAT) system provides voters with a physical slip confirming their vote, addressing concerns about vote secrecy.
  • Electoral Photo Identity Cards (EPIC) were introduced to combat bogus voting, ensuring accurate voter identification.

Improvements in the Voting Experience

  • Voters can now use 18 types of identity documents to cast their votes.
  • Electoral rolls are updated with all registered voters, and voters can check their names online.
  • A quick check feature using indelible ink ensures that voters have cast their ballots.
  • Model polling booths provide a pleasant voting experience with facilities like tea, drinking water, restrooms, and first aid.
  • Separate queues for men and women, as well as pink polling stations managed entirely by women, encourage women's participation in voting.
  • Polling stations are brought closer to voters, with a mandatory distance of 2 kilometers from each house.
  • Senior citizens who find it difficult to go to polling stations can now register to cast their votes from home.
  • EVMs have replaced postal ballots, reducing the vote counting time from 3 days to just 2 and a half days.

Innovations in Election Conducting

  • The counting process has been reduced from 3 days to 3-6 hours.
  • People can now access election updates online.

Innovations in Opinion Polls

  • Mobile apps are used for surveys, eliminating the need for physical ballot boxes and paper questionnaires.

Remote Voting

  • The idea of remote voting or voting on the internet is being discussed.
  • Concerns exist about the secrecy of votes in such a system.

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