Journey Beyond Legacy and Fame | Jaan Kumar Sanu | TEDxSIUHinjewadi

Journey Beyond Legacy and Fame | Jaan Kumar Sanu | TEDxSIUHinjewadi

Kumar Sanu's Early Life and Career

  • Kumar Sanu displayed a natural talent for music from a young age, beginning to sing at the age of two.
  • He started learning Hindustani classical music at the age of three and began working professionally as a singer at the age of five.
  • Despite his early success, he never felt like he was working because of his love for singing.
  • At the age of six or seven, he decided to pursue a career in singing after listening to an album by Sonu Nigam.
  • He released an album at the age of eight that became the highest-selling album in Kolkata, earning him a spot in the Limca Book of Records as the world's youngest singer.

Jesh Bachara's Struggles and Success

  • Jesh Bachara faced numerous rejections and challenges in his pursuit of a music career but took constructive criticism positively and learned from his experiences.
  • He interned and worked with renowned music composers, gaining valuable knowledge and skills.
  • Despite facing humiliation and challenges, he persisted in meeting music composers and producers, even spending nights in garages and building staircases while waiting for opportunities.
  • He found solace and peace in music during difficult times and went to a bar anonymously to learn about people's musical preferences.
  • His participation in the reality show "Big Boss" during the COVID-19 pandemic brought him recognition.
  • Post "Big Boss," he realized that the nepotism debate hindered his progress, emphasizing the importance of hard work, perseverance, and passion in achieving success.
  • Jesh believes that love for one's craft should outweigh obstacles and challenges, encouraging others to keep going, see the bigger picture, and trust in the universe to provide the way to achieve their goals.

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