L'audace de vivre son rêve | David Edson Tayorault | TEDxGrandBassam

L'audace de vivre son rêve | David Edson Tayorault | TEDxGrandBassam

Taayoro Edson David's Anecdotes

  • Taayoro Edson David shares three anecdotes from his life that influenced his decision to become an artist: "Audacity 1", "Frustration", and "Audacity 2".
  • In "Audacity 1", he describes being inspired by seeing the famous singer François Loua and impulsively chasing his car, forgetting about school.
  • In "Frustration", he recounts an incident during a university orchestra's visit when he was dismissed as a child for expressing his desire to sing.
  • In "Audacity 2", he narrates skipping school to attend a Kassav concert, convincing his brother to buy the expensive ticket.

Taayoro Edson David's Music Career

  • Taayoro Edson David began his music career in 1985 with the group Wya and achieved international success.
  • He emphasizes the importance of passion, patience, and discipline in the music industry.
  • He acknowledges the influence of François Cognon, a renowned producer, who instilled discipline and rigor in him.
  • Despite challenges, his career evolved as he learned various aspects of the music business, including arrangement and production.
  • He reflects on the rapid pace of the music industry and the need for continuous learning and adaptation to remain relevant.

Taayoro Edson David's Impact on Ivorian Music

  • Taayoro Edson David talks about his role in the success of many Ivorian artists and expresses pride in being the first step in their careers.
  • He emphasizes the importance of passion and discipline in achieving success and warns against complacency when receiving praise.
  • He highlights his decision to stay in Ivory Coast and develop the local music scene despite opportunities to go abroad.
  • He acknowledges the influence of various cultures on Ivorian music and expresses pride in its strength and uniqueness.
  • He mentions the upcoming CAN (African Cup of Nations) tournament in Ivory Coast and the country's history of welcoming and supporting artists from other African countries.


  • Taayoro Edson David concludes by thanking the audience for listening and expressing hope that he did not bore them.

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