Leading with Balance | Nilesh Shah | TEDxGEA Youth

Leading with Balance | Nilesh Shah | TEDxGEA Youth
  • The speaker shares the story of a boy who lost money in the stock market but later gained the trust of over 50 lakh investors.
  • The speaker emphasizes the importance of learning from others' mistakes and provides four key points to avoid:
    • Don't take money for granted.
    • Be cautious when making investment decisions.
    • Take care of your health.
    • Speak truthfully and positively.
  • The speaker suggests doing good karma by following the principles of Ram, Krishna, Duryan, and Ran.
  • The speaker highlights the importance of good company and building a strong network of supporters.
  • Persistence and hard work are essential for success, even if you are not the smartest or most intelligent person.
  • Being an optimist and reinventing yourself without fear of failure are crucial for success.
  • The speaker concludes with a song that can guide individuals in their lives.

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