Life's a JAM! | Hormuz Ragina | TEDxJai Hind College

Life's a JAM! | Hormuz Ragina | TEDxJai Hind College


  • The speaker acknowledges the hospitality and organization of the TEDx event and expresses slight nervousness due to the presence of his teachers and principles in the audience.
  • He introduces his presentation titled "Life's a Jam" and intends to share his unique perspective on various aspects of life.


  • The speaker emphasizes the importance of articulation in communication, using an example of precise communication in a professional setting.
  • Communication skills are crucial, and people should be able to effectively convey their knowledge in a concise and impactful manner.
  • Dramatization is not allowed in a jam, and the speaker provides examples of appropriate and inappropriate ways of speaking in different contexts.

Personal Experiences

  • The speaker shares an anecdote from his experience in a musical called "Gandhi the Musical," where his director advised him to focus on entertainment rather than singing, leading to his success as an entertainer.
  • Having fun is essential in life, and the speaker recounts a humorous incident during his grandmother's funeral that illustrates the importance of finding joy even in difficult situations.

Life Lessons

  • Humility is a vital trait, and the speaker emphasizes the importance of learning from others and being open to new experiences.
  • He highlights the value of participating in inter-college and inter-school festivals, as they teach valuable life lessons and skills beyond academics.
  • Life is a jam, and it's different from the ordinary.
  • To succeed in life, one must have a killer sense of humor and read extensively.
  • Multitasking is crucial in today's world, and it's important to make the most of every second.
  • No smoking, no drugs, and limited alcohol consumption are essential for success.
  • Plagiarism is not allowed in a jam, and one must speak in Queen's English only.
  • Speech defects are not allowed in a jam, and one must speak continuously and properly.
  • Time-wasting is not allowed, and one should be unpredictable in their actions.
  • It's important to voice one's opinions and stand up for what's right.
  • Teaching is essential as it imparts knowledge and helps one think out of the box.
  • Always have the X-Factor and say yes to everything, no matter how impossible it seems.

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