Man on a mission to make Female Cricket mainstream. | Vishal Yadav | TEDxSRMIST

Man on a mission to make Female Cricket mainstream. | Vishal Yadav | TEDxSRMIST

Vishan Yadav's Passion for Cricket

Promoting Women's Cricket through "Female Cricket"

  • After graduating, Yadav decided to pursue a career related to cricket and started a platform called "Female Cricket."
  • "Female Cricket" aims to promote and celebrate female cricketers, as Yadav realized there was a lack of visibility and recognition for women's cricket in the media.

Achievements and Recognition of Female Cricketers

  • Yadav shares interesting facts about women's cricket, including:
    • The first-ever Cricket World Cup was played by the women's team in 1973, two years before the men's World Cup.
    • Belinda Clark of Australia scored the first double century in ODIs in the 1997 World Cup, not Sachin Tendulkar.
    • The Australian women's cricket team was the first to score 400 runs in an ODI match, also in the 1997 World Cup.
    • The first-ever team to win the RCB franchise title was the women's cricket team.
  • Despite these achievements, Yadav highlights the lack of recognition and support that female cricketers receive.

Challenges and Progress in Promoting Women's Cricket

  • The speaker describes their journey in promoting female cricket, including personal sacrifices and challenges in securing funding.
  • Despite initial rejections, the speaker emphasizes the recent surge in popularity and growth of women's cricket, including increased sponsorship revenue, attendance, and global recognition.
  • The speaker acknowledges the progress made with pay equity policies and the inclusion of women's cricket in the Olympics but stresses the need for further development at the grassroots and domestic levels.

Proposed Steps to Advance Women's Cricket

  • The speaker proposes three key steps to advance women's cricket:
    • Grassroots investment
    • Creating job opportunities for domestic cricketers
    • Effective marketing
  • The speaker emphasizes the importance of investing in female cricketers now to ensure their success in major tournaments and achieve global competitiveness.

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