Mastering Leadership, Confidence, and Timing | Dharmveer Singh | TEDxNITKkr

Mastering Leadership, Confidence, and Timing | Dharmveer Singh | TEDxNITKkr

Personal Accomplishments

  • The speaker shares their academic achievements, professional experiences, and personal achievements, including completing an iron marathon and appearing on TV shows.
  • Despite their accomplishments, the speaker emphasizes that they are an ordinary person who came from a humble background and studied in Hindi medium.

Life Lessons

  • The speaker reflects on life lessons and shares their experiences with the audience.
  • They discuss their interest in science subjects and how they were teased for using formal language.
  • The speaker highlights the importance of confidence, both from external sources and from within, and how it can help individuals take risks and achieve success.

Leadership and Inspiration

  • The speaker questions what kind of leadership can inspire soldiers to be ready to sacrifice themselves on command.
  • They emphasize that true leadership is not about having followers or a high salary, but about having people follow your ideas and serve society.

TV Show Audition and Negotiation

  • The speaker describes their experience of being selected for the TV show "Khatron Ke Khiladi" without any prior knowledge or interview.
  • They received a contract with a blank space for their daily wage, which they later negotiated in Johannesburg, South Africa.
  • During the negotiation, they met with Meghna Naidu, a popular singer at the time, and politely inquired about her daily charges for the show.
  • The speaker initially thought of asking for a daily wage of 5000 rupees, considering their own salary was 7000 rupees.

Fear Factor Experience

  • The speaker reflects on their own experience as a runner-up on the first season of Fear Factor and how someone who was paid ₹1000 per month for 14 months was worth more than ₹1 lakh per month for something that was just a piece of mosaic.

Unleashing Potential and Never Losing Hope

  • The speaker shares a personal experience from 2005 when Jammu and Kashmir received unprecedented snowfall.
  • They were stationed in a snowy region with limited communication and harsh weather conditions for 38 days.
  • The speaker formed a close bond with a local porter from Kashmir and named their own daughter Jani in honor of the porter's daughter.
  • The speaker shares these stories to emphasize two important lessons: unleash your potential and never lose hope.

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