Mobilizing Grief to Keep Love Alive | Anne Shepherd | TEDxMontanaStateUniversity

Mobilizing Grief to Keep Love Alive | Anne Shepherd | TEDxMontanaStateUniversity

Anne Shepherd's Grief Journey

  • Anne Shepherd, a teacher, writer, and athlete, lost her son Nolan to suicide on October 29th, 2021.
  • Despite receiving advice about the five stages of grief, Anne found that grief is not linear and sought alternative approaches.
  • She engaged in physical movement, such as long-distance trail runs and skiing, to process her trauma.
  • Anne found comfort in the legacy of Nolan's impact, as expressed by his friends in a video documentary they created.
  • She turned to sacred teachings, including the Book of Job and Native American traditions, for guidance and comfort.
  • Anne carried Nolan's hair in a pouch for a year to keep him close and provide support to others who were grieving.
  • She organized gatherings with Nolan's friends to share stories and keep his memory alive.
  • Anne engaged in writing to process her grief and tell the story of their lives after Nolan.
  • Despite setbacks, such as a family crisis and publishing challenges, Anne remained committed to moving forward and starting a new chapter in her life.

Steps to Process Grief

  • The speaker encourages individuals to practice specific steps to process grief, including:
    • Moving
    • Telling the story
    • Saying the loved one's name
    • Writing
    • Teaching
    • Sharing

Mobilizing Grief

  • Anne Shepherd shares her grief journey and the steps she took to mobilize her grief and keep Nolan's memory alive.
  • By taking these steps, individuals can avoid standing alone in their grief and can mobilize their grief to keep learning, life, and love alive.

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