New Frontiers in Immersive Engineering | Fabio Tosti | TEDxUniversity of West London

New Frontiers in Immersive Engineering | Fabio Tosti | TEDxUniversity of West London

Systematic Observations in Engineering

  • The speaker discusses the concept of systematic observations and its importance in engineering.
  • Two pieces of equipment are introduced: a stereoscope and a ground penetrating radar (GPR).
  • GPR uses electromagnetic waves to image the subsurface without altering it and has various applications, including archaeology, mining, civil engineering, and planetary exploration.
  • Stereoscopy combines two-dimensional images to create the perception of depth and has evolved into immersive technologies such as virtual reality, augmented reality, and mixed reality.
  • The speaker suggests that these technologies enhance our level and sense of understanding and may be ushering in a new era of "Observation 4.0."

Immersive Engineering

  • Immersive engineering allows users to experience a virtual environment and interact with data in a realistic way.
  • One example of immersive engineering is using radar data to create a virtual representation of an underground environment, which can be used for pre-roots inspections and other engineering tasks.
  • Another example is using augmented reality to visualize the beam of radiation from a radar system, which can help to understand where the radar is hitting a target.
  • Immersive engineering has the potential to solve complex engineering problems in various domains, including archaeology.
  • The speaker believes that immersive engineering is still in its early stages and has great potential for the future of non-destructive testing and ground penetrating radar.

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