Notes of Joy: My Musical Journey | Bhargavi Venkatram | TEDxSJCC

Notes of Joy: My Musical Journey | Bhargavi Venkatram | TEDxSJCC

Bhavi Wenat's Musical Journey

  • Bhavi Wenat, a Carnatic classical vocalist from Bengaluru, India, shares her musical journey and the challenges she faced in balancing her passion for music with her education.
  • Born into a family of talented musicians, Bhavi started learning music at a young age but initially showed little interest in pursuing it professionally.
  • She began learning Bharatanatyam dance at the age of 8 and continued for 10 years before returning to music.
  • Inspired by a particular composition, Bhavi decided to learn music seriously and trained under renowned Carnatic musician TM Krishna in Chennai.
  • Despite her studies, Bhavi balanced music and education, traveling to Chennai for lessons and performing in competitions.

Pursuing Music Full-Time

  • After completing her computer science engineering degree, Bhavi decided to pursue music full-time, recognizing the unpredictable nature of the arts but determined to give it her all.
  • Initially struggling to adjust, Bhavi quickly regained her focus and continued performing and traveling across the country.

Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic

  • The COVID-19 pandemic halted Bhavi's performing career, causing anxiety but also an opportunity to focus on skill development.
  • Despite initial hesitation, Bhavi began posting music videos online and received an overwhelmingly positive response from people worldwide.
  • One particularly touching comment from a viewer whose father found comfort in Bhavi's music during cancer treatment solidified her belief in art's power to positively impact lives.

Embracing Art for Joy and Well-being

  • Bhavi now balances both online and offline music performances, reaching a wider audience through social media.
  • Art, particularly performing arts, has brought immense joy, perspective on life, and self-discovery to Bhavi.
  • Bhavi encourages everyone to embrace an art form, whether it's performing arts, painting, sculpting, pottery, or anything that provides relaxation, skill development, and resilience.
  • Art is a constant companion that can enhance lives and serve as a stress reliever in today's stressful world.

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