Prevention and Control of Functional Dyspepsia | Maaz Ahmad | TEDxRLKU

Prevention and Control of Functional Dyspepsia | Maaz Ahmad | TEDxRLKU

Teaching Methods

  • The speaker has been teaching for approximately 46-47 years and wants to share practical teaching methods that anyone can implement.
  • He emphasizes the importance of conducting useful and applicable research.

Research on Stomach Issues

  • The speaker and his students observed health problems and diseases in villages and slums, and decided to find inexpensive and easy-to-use therapies to help the people there.
  • They found that stomach pain and indigestion were the most common problems and started working on a solution.
  • They identified certain fruits and vegetables, such as ginger, apples, and papaya, as effective in reducing stomach problems.
  • Due to the high cost of these fruits, they extracted the essence of these fruits, which turned out to be very cheap.
  • A study was conducted to analyze the effectiveness of the extract, and the results showed positive outcomes.
  • The speaker is currently working on another study involving a vegetable extract that is even more effective.


  • The extract being discussed is effective in treating dyspepsia, a condition characterized by stomach discomfort or pain without an underlying cause.
  • Functional dyspepsia is a type of dyspepsia that occurs in the absence of any identifiable underlying medical condition.
  • Common symptoms of functional dyspepsia include pain or burning in the upper abdomen, bloating, feeling full or having difficulty eating, nausea, and belching.
  • It is important to distinguish between functional dyspepsia and dyspepsia caused by an underlying medical condition.

Causes of Dyspepsia

  • Dyspepsia is often caused by unhealthy eating habits, including excessive consumption of junk food, spicy food, and carbonated drinks.
  • Excessive consumption of enjoyable foods can lead to health problems and unhappiness.

Side Effects of Medications

  • All medications have side effects and contraindications, such as not being suitable for use during pregnancy, with certain illnesses, or for electricians.
  • There is no medication that is completely safe and without side effects.

Natural Remedies

  • There are simple and accessible methods to alleviate stomach problems, including natural remedies and lifestyle changes.
  • The video provides information about a specific experiment and natural remedies that can be easily incorporated into one's routine.

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