Protecting the oceans to save ourselves | Sylvia Earle | TEDxBoston

Protecting the oceans to save ourselves | Sylvia Earle | TEDxBoston

Mission Blue and Marine Protected Areas

  • Sylvia Earle, founder of Mission Blue, aims to create a global network of marine protected areas called "hope spots" to restore ocean health.
  • Mission Blue focuses on the Galapagos Islands, implementing a debt-for-nature swap to provide steady revenue for ocean protection.

Ocean Conservation Progress

  • The Northwestern Hawaiian Islands and the Papahānaumokuākea Marine Protected Area exemplify progress in ocean conservation.
  • While 15% of land is highly protected, only 3% of the ocean is safeguarded, leading to a decline in marine life populations.

Threats to Ocean Health

  • Overfishing contributes to climate change by releasing carbon and depleting fish populations.
  • Deep-sea resource extraction, such as manganese nodules and krill, disrupts ecosystems and exacerbates climate change.
  • Wildlife trade, particularly in places like Hong Kong, poses a significant threat to marine life.

The Importance of Protecting the Ocean

  • Protecting the ocean is vital for human survival, as it regulates climate and provides essential resources.
  • The interconnectedness of Earth's systems emphasizes the need to address ocean health alongside other environmental issues.

Engaging the Next Generation

  • Hope Spots serve as hubs for children to engage in conservation and appreciate nature.
  • Young people are actively involved in cleaning up environmental messes and raising awareness about ocean conservation.


  • Urgent action is required to protect the ocean and its inhabitants, ensuring the survival and well-being of future generations.

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