Resetting the way I think | Fawad Khan | TEDxRLKU

Resetting the way I think  | Fawad Khan | TEDxRLKU

Overcoming Challenges and Achieving Growth

  • Speaker Rashid La shares personal experiences of resetting career and mindset to overcome challenges and achieve growth.
  • Resetting involves looking at things from different perspectives, challenging habits, and embracing change.

Fixed vs. Growth Mindset

  • Fixed mindset limits individuals to perceived abilities, while growth mindset allows for malleability and openness to new ideas.

Embracing Failure

  • Embracing failure is crucial for resetting thinking, overcoming fear of being unsuccessful, and viewing failure as a necessary step towards success.

Creative Mindset

  • Adopting a creative mindset involves being open to new ideas, exploring unconventional paths, and taking risks to push boundaries.

Reflecting on Personal Experiences

  • Speaker encourages audience to reflect on their own experiences of resetting and invites them to share thoughts and examples.

"Control-Alt-Delete" Metaphor

  • Speaker discusses the concept of "control-alt-delete" as a metaphor for resetting one's thinking and life path.
  • Cautions against hasty decisions, encourages careful consideration of motivations and goals before committing to a particular path.

Choosing a Fulfilling Profession

  • Emphasizes importance of choosing a profession that aligns with true passions and values, rather than pursuing something solely for financial gain or societal expectations.
  • Suggests taking a step back and reflecting on choices to ensure alignment with long-term goals and aspirations.

Changing Perspectives

  • Shares personal experience of working in Pakistan and how it changed perspective on the country and its people.
  • Highlights importance of letting go of preconceived notions and viewing things from different perspectives.

Examples of Successful Change

  • Provides examples of individuals who have made significant changes in their lives, such as Muhammad Ali Jinnah and a Pakistani cricketer who transitioned from wanting to be a batsman to becoming a successful bowler.

"Control-Alt-Delete" as a Conscious Choice

  • Concludes that "control-alt-delete" is a natural process that can occur over time through life events and environmental influences, but that it can also be a conscious choice made by individuals to reset their thinking and embark on a new path.

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