Rising Through the Ranks | Siddharth Singh | TEDxNITKkr

Rising Through the Ranks | Siddharth Singh | TEDxNITKkr

Siddhant's Journey

  • Siddhant, an Indian combat sports athlete, overcame bullying in boarding school by taking up boxing at 12.
  • Despite initial losses, he trained intensely and won the boxing championship in his final school year.
  • He continued training, earned a scholarship to study in the UK, and worked as a brand manager while training in kickboxing.
  • Siddhant competed in mixed martial arts (MMA) to prove himself and returned to India with the goal of promoting Indian fighters and empowering women through self-defense workshops.

Challenges and Success in India

  • Siddhant faced resistance from traditional martial arts dojos for teaching modern fighting techniques.
  • He focused on competing to establish his credibility, winning multiple national championships.
  • Critics questioned his success limited to India, motivating him to compete abroad.

International Achievements

  • Siddhant became the first Indian to defeat a Russian in Russia, showcasing his skills in a country known for its wrestling prowess.
  • He won gold medals in the Asian Championships in Taiwan and the British Championships in the UK.
  • At the World Championships, he lost his first match but later won a medal and became a two-time world champion.

Inspiring Others

  • Siddhant's success inspired his students, leading one of them, Uneel Jubelee, to win the Road to the UFC tournament and earn a full-time UFC contract.
  • Siddhant encourages others to follow their unique paths, embrace criticism, and pursue their dreams with determination and passion.

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