Selecting and creating your path to Bliss | Niteesh Kondiparthy | TEDxGITAMHyderabad

Selecting and creating your path to Bliss | Niteesh Kondiparthy | TEDxGITAMHyderabad

Nitish's Musical Journey

  • Nitish comes from a family of artists and entertainers and started acting at the age of five.
  • He learned to play the guitar at 15 and quickly became proficient, forming a band and playing at open mics and college gigs.
  • After college, he took a year off to focus on music and lived in Goa for a month.
  • He formed a new band with a more aggressive sound and opened for several well-known bands.
  • His musical sensibilities evolved, and he started finding solace in more technical genres like progressive rock, progressive metal, jazz, funk, and fusion.
  • He recorded and released his debut solo EP titled "Not Worth It."

Challenges and Successes

  • Nitish faced a setback when the drummer of his band quit before recording their first EP.
  • Despite his anxiety and self-doubt, Nitish decided to go to the studio and record the EP with the help of a producer.
  • During the recording process, he felt an urge to write a song in his mother tongue, Telugu, resulting in the creation of his first Telugu song, "Kalid."
  • After completing his education in advertising, Nitish realized that he wanted to pursue music full-time and moved back home.
  • He worked on his nine-track Telugu album, "Lea," which broke conventional norms by seamlessly merging various genres.
  • The album was well-received and gained positive publicity, leading to its inclusion in several playlists even today.

Nitish's Current Endeavors

  • After the success of "Lea," Nitish focused on learning music production and collaborated with various Telugu independent artists, film composers, and bands.
  • He emphasizes the importance of unity in diversity and being an interdisciplinary artist in the 21st-century music scene.
  • Despite his achievements, Nitish admits that he is still searching for his unique sound and embraces the uncertainty of his journey.

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