Sessions 8/31/23 at Barking Legs | Swayyvo (Jerod Morton) | TEDxChattanooga Salon

Sessions 8/31/23 at Barking Legs | Swayyvo (Jerod Morton) | TEDxChattanooga Salon

Suo's Journey in the Music Industry

  • Suo, a musician, shares his thoughts and experiences in the music industry.
  • He chose music as a means of emotional expression and communication beyond words.
  • Despite challenges and regrets, Suo is grateful for his impact and the inspiration he provides.
  • He emphasizes pursuing dreams and not letting others' opinions or lack of support deter one's path.

Suo's Music and Personal Struggles

  • Suo's song "Come Get Me" reflects his struggles with depression and the pressure to conform.
  • He discusses the difficulties of managing relationships while being a public figure and the temptations that come with fame.
  • His song "Outside" highlights the need to prioritize self-worth and not let relationships compromise one's purpose.

The Artist's Approach to Music and Success

  • The artist discusses their approach to music and their refusal to be confined to a single genre.
  • They believe that staying true to themselves allows them to express themselves fully and connect with a wider audience.
  • The artist emphasizes the importance of embracing failure and learning from it, as it is a necessary part of the journey to success.
  • They share a personal story about manifesting a red charger car, which taught them the power of belief and visualization.

Encouragement for Aspiring Musicians

  • The artist encourages aspiring musicians and artists to pursue their dreams fearlessly and appreciate the opportunity to fail as a blessing.
  • They end the video by expressing gratitude to their long-time collaborators, Monty on keys and Jimmy Franklin on drums.

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