Skills e valori per l'Innovazione ed il Cambiamento | Rodi Basso | TEDxCagliari

Skills e valori per l'Innovazione ed il Cambiamento | Rodi Basso | TEDxCagliari

Personal Journey and Values

  • The speaker, an engineer, describes their journey and values shaped by growing up in Naples, a city of contrasts, instilling a sense of restlessness and precariousness.
  • They chose Aerospace Engineering, finding a romantic aspect in its restlessness and exploring new horizons.
  • Their passion lies in the interaction between humans and machines, particularly in the context of data and its impact on safety.

Career Experiences

  • After graduating, they developed their thesis at NASA, inspired by a humble and inspiring director who emphasized the broader impact of their work.
  • Driven by their love for sports and technology, they joined Ferrari, where Jean Tod reminded them of the importance of humility.
  • Their successful experience at Ferrari contributed to five championship wins and provided valuable lessons for their career.
  • Ros Brown's calm demeanor during meetings allowed for emotionally detached decision-making, while Jean Todt created a family-like atmosphere but demanded a lot from employees.
  • Michael Schumacher exemplified excellence through hard work, discipline, and focus on eliminating errors, while Rubens Barrichello improved when he developed close relationships with teammates.
  • Adrian Newey's arrival at Red Bull convinced the author to join despite initial struggles, teaching them the importance of overcoming resistance to change and sometimes replacing those unwilling or unable to adapt.
  • They found success by focusing on self-improvement and helping others, recognizing that competition can be destructive and ego-driven.

Engineering Philosophy

  • The speaker emphasizes the importance of understanding the etymology of words to gain a deeper understanding of their true meaning.
  • Engineers should think beyond technical details and consider the broader impact of their work, drawing inspiration from Leonardo Da Vinci's approach of observing nature and using available resources to solve human problems.
  • Motorsport provides a protected environment to study and develop technologies that can benefit a wider audience, as demonstrated by McLaren's technology applications in hospital management, airport operations, transportation, and medical fields.

Entrepreneurial Venture

  • The speaker founded E1, a world championship for electric powerboats, combining their passion for the sea with expertise in electronics and motorsport.
  • E1 has attracted renowned team owners, including sports stars and celebrities, drawn to the sport's potential for positive impact.
  • Despite skepticism about the feasibility of their ideas, the speaker's achievements reflect their ability to overcome challenges.

Values and Risk

  • Risk and precariousness have characterized the speaker's journey, and they are learning to treat these values with respect, recognizing their potential dangers.
  • These values are necessary given current living conditions and the level of innovation needed in the next 50 years.
  • Developing new ideas requires behaviors or deep knowledge of the paradigm being challenged, self-awareness, and humility.

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