Small but Powerful | Sonia Chew | TEDxYouth@NgeeAnnPolytechnic

Small but Powerful | Sonia Chew | TEDxYouth@NgeeAnnPolytechnic

Sonia's Journey in Media

  • Sonia, a media personality and TV/radio presenter for almost 10 years, shares her journey of overcoming self-doubt and achieving success in the media industry.
  • Despite initial fears, she joined a personality contest and discovered her competitive side.
  • After being eliminated, she realized the importance of authenticity and being true to herself.
  • Sonia emphasizes the significance of hustling and hard work during the early stages of one's career, using the metaphor of a rocket's initial fuel consumption to reach orbit.
  • She describes her own experience of taking on multiple jobs and hustling in her early to mid-20s.
  • Sonia highlights her journey in the media industry, facing anxiety and self-doubt while networking and attending events.
  • She mentions receiving criticism and gossip but learns from her mentor that these are signs of progress.
  • Sonia highlights the unwavering support of her parents, who acted as her drivers and provided emotional encouragement.

Career Milestones and Challenges

  • Sonia's involvement in an unscripted travel show called "Travel SSBD" became a turning point in her career, bringing her recognition and awards.
  • She emphasizes the importance of starting small and building gradually, sharing her experience of purchasing a small property and later becoming a business owner with a restaurant venture.
  • The restaurant faced challenges during the pandemic and eventually closed, leading Sonia to question her suitability as a business owner.
  • Sonia mentions a significant mistake that nearly ended her career but chooses not to elaborate due to its emotional impact.

Controversy and Resilience

  • The speaker was investigated for attending a gathering that exceeded the permitted number of people during the pandemic.
  • The news of the investigation was widely publicized, leading to intense scrutiny and criticism on social media, including death threats.
  • Despite the backlash, the speaker's long-term clients continued to support them, and the campaign they were working on was still released.
  • The speaker learned the importance of maintaining relationships and being genuine with clients.
  • They emphasized the significance of focusing on self-improvement and directing energy towards positive endeavors rather than dwelling on negative aspects.
  • Consistent effort in small and powerful actions can pave the way for success.

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