Snap Back to Reality, Here Comes Gravity | Timmy Ghiurău | TEDxBrașov

Snap Back to Reality, Here Comes Gravity | Timmy Ghiurău | TEDxBrașov

The Speaker's Journey

  • The speaker's journey has always been about seeking harmony between creativity and technology, past and future.
  • They started as a dreamer, interested in how things work and fascinated by their grandmother's ability to read people.
  • After studying engineering, they became homeless while pursuing music in Copenhagen.
  • They met the founders of Unity, a game engine company, and became involved in developing tools for dreamers and creatives.
  • Inspired by their grandmother and research in cognitive science, they developed eye-tracking technology to improve VR experiences.
  • They worked with Lego to create a Star Wars-themed demo using brain waves and eye tracking.
  • After Facebook acquired their company, they had a disagreement over the use of patents in consumer headsets and initiated a lawsuit.
  • They moved back to Copenhagen and worked in the fashion industry, incorporating Viking elements into designs.
  • They were approached by Volvo to develop simulators to study trust between humans and machines in self-driving cars.

Finding Harmony and Balance

  • The speaker reflects on their journey, emphasizing the importance of finding harmony between different aspects of life and work.
  • They discuss the importance of thinking outside the box and finding the balance between strategy and tactics.
  • They talk about the need to decide what not to do and the importance of curatorship.

Cognitive Dissonance and the "Dream Incubator"

  • The speaker discusses the concept of cognitive dissonance and how it can be used to trick the brain.
  • They talk about the idea of the "point Labs" or "dream incubator" and how it can be used to convert nature into knowledge and utility.

The Role of Stories and Art in Shaping the Future

  • The speaker discusses the importance of stories in articulating the future we want to live in and the role of art in changing culture.

Collaboration and Empathy

  • The speaker describes their collaboration with SpaceX and other institutes to create a generative AI sculpture that was sent to the moon.
  • They talk about the importance of empathy and understanding how things connect to create a better society.

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