Sustainable Living and the Power of Everyday Actions | Alex Gamboa Grand | TEDxLacamas Lake

Sustainable Living and the Power of Everyday Actions | Alex Gamboa Grand | TEDxLacamas Lake

Challenges of Caring and Compassion Fatigue

  • The speaker discusses the challenges of caring about various global issues while managing daily responsibilities.
  • They describe feeling overwhelmed by compassion fatigue and the emotional toll of constant exposure to negative news.

Conscious Consumerism

  • The speaker shares their personal journey of trying to make a difference, including their initial focus on recycling and later learning about social entrepreneurship and conscious consumerism.
  • They explain the concept of conscious consumerism and how individuals can use their purchasing power to have a positive social, environmental, and economic impact.
  • The speaker highlights the importance of intentionality in everyday actions and encourages individuals to consider the full life cycle of products when making purchasing decisions.
  • They provide examples of how individual actions can make a difference, such as choosing reusable products and supporting sustainable businesses.

Individual Actions and Social Change

  • Reducing plastic fork usage can significantly reduce plastic waste, as plastic forks contribute 2% to global greenhouse gas emissions and mostly end up in landfills.
  • Conscious consumerism and social entrepreneurship have led to the growth of the organic food market.
  • Social proof, or the influence of peers, can drive social change, and a minority of people (25%) can create major social change.
  • Individuals and households can contribute 25-30% of the total emissions reductions needed to avoid dangerous climate change through actions such as reducing food waste, eating more plants, making homes energy-efficient, using sustainable transportation, recycling, reducing plastic and paper consumption, and opting for virtual meetings.
  • Not everyone has to do everything, but everyone can do something to make a difference.
  • Many impactful actions, such as reducing food waste and eating a plant-based diet, can save money.

Everyday Opportunities for Positive Change

  • Every day presents opportunities to make a difference, and caring and trying to be intentional with everyday actions can contribute to positive change.

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