Taking Risks to Turn Passion into Purpose | Mr. Naman Deshmukh | TEDxLNCTBhopal

Taking Risks to Turn Passion into Purpose | Mr. Naman Deshmukh | TEDxLNCTBhopal


  • The speaker introduces himself and explains his approach to public speaking, emphasizing speaking from the heart without preparation.
  • He describes his transformation from an introvert to a successful tech content creator.

Career Journey

  • The speaker worked for several years in MNCs and startups before taking a risk to pursue tech content creation full-time.
  • He discusses the challenges of leaving a stable job and the support of his family.

Childhood and Education

  • The speaker shares a personal anecdote about being kidnapped as a child.
  • He describes his family's decision to move to a small town for safety reasons and his subsequent schooling.
  • He mentions his interest in computer science and the pressure to perform well in school.

College Experience

  • The speaker describes his college journey, including attending a government college and later an engineering college.
  • He reflects on his struggles as an average student and the importance of passing exams.

YouTube Journey

  • The speaker discusses his decision to start a YouTube channel in college, focusing on tech content in English.
  • He mentions missing out on an opportunity to grow his channel due to college commitments.
  • After gaining experience in a startup, he returned to YouTube and faced challenges such as balancing work and content creation.

Startup Experience

  • The speaker highlights the benefits of working in a startup environment, emphasizing diverse learning opportunities and hands-on experience.
  • He describes his personal journey from coding to UI development, UX, and various programming languages.

Hostel-Booking Project

  • The speaker shares a minor project where he and a friend created a hostel-booking platform similar to OYO.
  • He reflects on the importance of believing in oneself and pursuing ideas, even if others are not supportive.

Challenges and Success on YouTube

  • The speaker discusses the challenges he faced while taking YouTube seriously, including long working hours and lack of Wi-Fi at home.
  • He shares his subscriber growth and the achievement of earning the Silver Play Button.

Personal Struggles

  • The speaker mentions the challenges faced during the COVID-19 pandemic, including his mother contracting COVID-19 multiple times.
  • He emphasizes his perseverance in pursuing his passion for YouTube despite personal struggles.

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