TEDxDanielle | Danielle Obisie-Orlu | TEDxUniversityofPittsburgh

TEDxDanielle | Danielle Obisie-Orlu | TEDxUniversityofPittsburgh

Danielle Oia Oru: Youth Poet Laureate of Allegheny County

  • Danielle Oia Oru is the Youth Poet Laureate of Allegheny County for 2021-2022.
  • She is passionate about migration, belonging, finding your voice, and international human rights law.
  • Danielle believes in the power of voice, people, and passion.
  • She is a third culture kid, born in the US to Nigerian parents but raised in South Africa.
  • Danielle's "why" is people and their stories, creating happiness, and belonging.
  • She believes in the spirit of belonging and uplifting human dignity.

Overcoming Self-Doubt and Imposter Syndrome

  • Danielle initially hesitated to apply for Youth Poet Laureate due to imposter syndrome but realized she had the desire, time, talent, and skills.
  • She prepared herself by practicing, serving, and leading.
  • Danielle emphasizes the importance of time management, creating a sense of community and belonging, and viewing conflict as an opportunity for closer relationships.

The Power of Voice and Public Speaking

  • Danielle believes that public speaking and natural speech are similar but not the same, and she had to practice to become a good communicator.
  • She shares a personal poem that highlights the significance of answering the call to action and seizing opportunities.

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