The Art of True Connection | Don Carter | TEDxWalnut Street

The Art of True Connection | Don Carter | TEDxWalnut Street

Don Carter's Perspective on Inclusion and Belonging

  • Don Carter, a former police detective turned entrepreneur, speaker, writer, and transformational coach, shares his unique perspective on inclusion and belonging.
  • Carter describes a transformative experience during his law enforcement career when he realized the impact of his conditioning and early experiences on his self-perception.
  • He criticizes the concept of inclusion, arguing that it can feel confining and restrictive rather than liberating.
  • Carter emphasizes the importance of human connection and belonging and warns against tokenism, where people are included only to fulfill a diversity quota.
  • True inclusion should be seen as a unique and valuable aspect, like inclusions in diamonds.

The Power of Kindness and Connection

  • Carter highlights the power of kindness and how a small act of kindness towards a woman who wanted to become a nurse led to a viral fundraising campaign that raised $155,000.
  • Kindness is not just about actions, but also about recognizing and connecting with others.
  • The most valuable asset is attention, and where attention goes, energy flows.
  • The art of true connection involves acceptance of self, receptivity of reciprocity, and transparency.
  • Acceptance of self is essential for fully accepting others.
  • Receptivity of reciprocity ensures a balanced flow of giving and receiving.
  • Transparency allows for genuine connection without the risk of harm.
  • Kindness and showing kindness in the world can create real connections and actions.
  • Paying it forward or giving back is not necessary; paying attention is the most valuable thing one can offer.
  • Giving attention in a meaningful way can create transformative connections for both the giver and the recipient.

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