The journey of Storyteller | Anurag Maurya | TEDxSiddagangaInstituteofTechnology

The journey of Storyteller | Anurag Maurya | TEDxSiddagangaInstituteofTechnology

Following One's Dreams

  • The speaker encourages the audience to pursue their dreams regardless of their background or societal expectations.
  • He shares his personal journey of wanting to be on stage and eventually achieving his dream.
  • He emphasizes the importance of following one's passion and not being swayed by societal norms or expectations.

Career Path

  • The speaker describes his unconventional career path, from wanting to join the Defense Forces to studying fashion designing, and finally finding his passion in radio jockeying.
  • He highlights the conflict between pursuing his passion and financial stability, ultimately choosing a high-paying IT job over his dream of being a radio jockey.

Finding Fulfillment

  • Despite his successful IT career, the speaker felt unfulfilled and realized he had reached a low point in his life.
  • The speaker stresses the importance of never giving up on one's dreams, no matter how early or late in life, and encourages the audience to make themselves proud by pursuing their passions.

Social Media Impact

  • The speaker recorded a voice note for himself as a reminder to keep going in life.
  • He posted the voice recording on social media and it gained a lot of attention.
  • People started reaching out to him for advice and support.
  • He realized that people just needed someone to listen to them, not necessarily give advice.

Storytelling and Recognition

  • He started writing and recording his own poetry and stories.
  • He performed his storytelling at live shows and gained recognition.
  • He received public recognition for his work when he was offered a free chai and had his picture taken with the flight crew.

Encouragement and Advice

  • He encourages others to create their own path and not let anyone control their story.
  • He reminds everyone that difficult times are temporary and things will change.

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