The Key to Manifesting your Dreams | Hasleen Kaur | TEDxJMC

The Key to Manifesting your Dreams | Hasleen Kaur | TEDxJMC

Hasleen Kaur's Journey and Success

  • Hasleen Kaur, a model, actor, and entrepreneur, shares her journey and hopes to have a positive impact on the audience.
  • Despite skepticism from others, she won the Miss India competition and achieved her dream.
  • She emphasizes the importance of refocusing when faced with negativity and perseverance in achieving success.
  • Kaur reflects on her childhood dream of becoming an actor and her involvement in various activities that helped her develop her acting skills.

Method Acting and Acting Techniques

  • The speaker introduces the concept of method acting and draws parallels between their experiences as an Odissi dancer, debater, and singer.
  • They realized that these experiences were early examples of method acting, which they did not recognize at the time.
  • After reading books on the subject, Kaur understood the concept of acting and pursued her passion for it.
  • She sought out tools and techniques to improve her acting skills and learned from books and acting workshops.
  • One of her favorite teachers, Neeraj Kabi, broke down the ancient Indian戏剧论 for her and taught her the art of shopping as an actor.

The Importance of Focus and Discipline

  • The speaker believes in extreme concentration when working on a character and spends a lot of time alone, constantly trying to get into the brain of the character they are playing.
  • They emphasize the importance of practice, reviewing work, and seeking constructive criticism for improvement.
  • Discipline is crucial in any field, and it's important to focus on doing one's job correctly without worrying about the outcome.

Respect and the Army

  • The speaker's father, who served in the Indian Army, emphasized the importance of punctuality and respecting others' time.
  • They share an anecdote from their childhood when they questioned their father about addressing a junior officer as "sahib."
  • The father explained that showing respect to someone for their hard work and experience is crucial, and this concept was ingrained in them by their parents and the organization they come from.
  • Respect is accorded to those who are talented and skilled, regardless of their caste, creed, or religion.

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